We are excited to now have collaborated with Organic Colour Systems to offer you a whole new colouring experience in our Soho salon! Vegan friendly and derived of 95% natural ingredients, Organic Colour Systems offer amazing results, including excellent white hair coverage and vibrancy, without the damage conventional colouring can often do.

Organic Colour Systems is an ethical company whose values include animal welfare, the highest possible safety and quality standards and respect and responsibility towards both the environment and sustainability. Our salon staff have been trained to offer this treatment. For more information, please give us a call or book for a free consultation.

Organic Colour Systems are a UK based company and all the products are produced in the New Forest, so that means less harm on the environment. With Organic Colour Systems, you can still achieve vibrant colours as well as natural results, whatever the result is you’re after, we’re confident we can achieve it with less harm to your hair.

Organic Colour Systems
Karine modelling the organic colour